Content Writing

How to get the most out of your content. Yes we have all heard content is king, and Google says this over and over, but how did it become king, or more to the point, what makes it king. Every SEO agency of good repute have to focus on the content to succeed in its endeavor. If the content side is weak, it doesn’t matter how much your optimization is valuable. I have written nine ways in which to show how you can get the most out of your content, and maybe even get some valuable backlinks for your effort.

What in my view gets content crowned would be:

1.Title must be a knockout.

2. Lists, gives people a quick view at all the options.

3. Appropriate use of multimedia, videos and images can make content just that more better and if original can create something viral.

4. Good linking, a link out to a top source such as Google will allow for richer content and reliability.

5. Include authoritative sources, credibility can be increased with authoritative sources such as popular figures and institutions.

6. A good summary, for all those skim readers out there who just need to get a taste before deciding to dive in – the better your summary the more chance of users reading.

7. Current event / timing, hedging an article on a current event combined with other strategies, can make your content the go-to source

8. Blog comments/interaction/Polls/competitions, you want to make your content as interactive as possible, and if you do readers will keep coming back for more.

9. Optimize for mobiles, how many people you know own a smart phone? Everyone you say. Exactly, making your content accessible from a mobile is a must.