On October 29, the Market and Media Research Center of Peking University released the country’s first “Report on the Survival Status of Diaosi”. The report showed that the average salary of Diaosi was RMB 2917.7, and 72.3% of Diaosi felt unhappy in their lives. The most difficult thing for the diaosi is the family affection. The diaosi give their parents an average of 1076.7 yuan per month. From the perspective of different industries, the agricultural and forestry diaosi index is the highest, and the diaosi index in the market/public relations/media, sports and fitness and finance/banking/investment/fund/securities industries is relatively low.

The Marketing and Media Research Center of Peking University told Peng Mei News that the term diosi originated from the Internet, and its spread is no longer derogatory, but represents the rise of a network subculture. The “2020 Diaosi Survival Status Report” was a survey conducted by the Peking University Market, the media center, and the life information portal Ganji. The survey was conducted from September 1 to October 1, 2020. A total of 213,795 questionnaires were collected, covering more than 50 universities. Small and medium-sized cities fully reflect the living conditions of the grassroots in the workplace.

Low Education Level, Basically No Savings

Are you a diaosi? Have you saved enough 100,000 yuan? Have you invested in full to buy a house for yourself? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you are no longer diaosi.

The diaosi group in this study mainly covers people who have already participated in work, have a personal deposit of less than 100,000 yuan, have not bought a house or have already bought a house, but are not fully funded by themselves.

The term diaosi is not derogatory. More and more people use the term diaosi to interpret their lives. So what does “Daosi” look like?

Male dicks are generally between 21-25 years old; female dicks are between 26-30 years old; they are generally not well educated; most of them go out to work hard and have not found their partner yet, with an average monthly income of 2917.7 yuan. There is basically no deposit.

Monthly Salary of 2917.7 yuan, Half of them Work Overtime Every Week

Among the more than 210,000 people who participated in the questionnaire survey, 62.2% believed that they were diaosi. They were mainly distributed between 21-30 years old and were the most extensive grassroots employees in the workplace. Their average monthly salary is 2917.7 yuan, and official statistics in 2013 show that the average salary in Beijing is 5793 yuan.

Among the diaosi population, 73.6% are far away from their hometowns. The main reason for leaving home is the hope that they can make more money, thereby changing their lives and their family’s lives. Wandering in a foreign land, the diaosi have a simple life. Three meals a day cost less than 39 yuan, 7.8% of the people can control the consumption of three meals below 10 yuan, and half of them rent below 500 yuan a month.

Working hard in a foreign country, life and work are dependent on themselves. 41% of diaosi rely on the Internet to find a job, and most of them change jobs every three years.

The survey shows that more than half of the diaosi do not need to work overtime, but almost 21.7% of the total work overtime every day, hard work may not be exchanged for corresponding returns, nearly 60% of diaosi do not get overtime pay for overtime, and they have to work overtime almost every day. The percentage of diaosi who did not get overtime pay was the highest, reaching 68.6%.

Even so, Diosi does not believe that overtime is the biggest work pressure, but the uncertainty of interpersonal relationships and work makes these workplace grassroots suffer.

Work and making money occupy most of their time. As for leisure, it is a bit extravagant for most diaosi. 54.2% of people only have 500 yuan in travel funds per year. Compared with going out to play, Diosi prefers to stay at home. Therefore, 65.7% of people choose online shopping as the mainstream shopping method. Social and gaming software have also become artifacts at home.

Half of the Dios are Single, 71% will Give their Parents Living Expenses

CCTV once did a famous street interview. Are you happy? 52.7% of male dicks think they are unhappy, while female dicks are better, but 48.1% are not happy. Especially the diaosi between the ages of 25-30 are the most unhappy group of people in the diaosi crowd. In addition to the pressure from work, they are either struggling in a single life, or under the pressure of life. Compared with the Children of Classmates in their Hometown, 50.4% of the Dios Who Go Out are Still Single.

Family affection is the most difficult thing for dicks to let go. 33.1% think that the biggest debt to their parents is not being able to do their filial piety before bed. The dicks give their parents an average of 1076.7 yuan per month, with an average monthly income of 2917.7 yuan, and the money given to their parents accounts for 36.9% of the monthly income. 71% of the most diaosi would pay for their parents’ living expenses, with “1-500 yuan” accounting for the highest proportion at 31.2%, followed by “501-1000 yuan” at 24.4%.

Economically independent dios have the consciousness of repaying their parents, and they will do all they can to raise children with children. Their monthly expenditure on children is 2639.7 yuan, which accounts for almost all of their personal income.

Diaosis psychological state is more worthy of attention. What kind of inner world do they have in this huge grassroots group? 37.8% of diaosi think that they have a mental illness, and at the same time they have not received the correct psychological counseling. Most people will use sleep, talk, and drink to relieve pressure, but there are still 4.4% of people choose self-injury to relieve stress.

Diaosi index ranking: Jilin is the highest, agriculture and forestry are the most through calculation, the report has obtained the diaosi index of different cities, provinces, regions, industries, etc.

Changchun is the most boring city this year, and Jilin has become the most boring province. The average diaosi index of all provinces is 78.81. Jilin diaosi index is the highest, reaching 86.07, followed by Shanxi at 83.82, followed by Mongolia. Relatively speaking, the diaosi index of both the imperial capital and the magic capital is low, 74.89 in Beijing and 75.11 in Shanghai.  

In terms of industry, the agriculture and forestry industry has become the most difficult industry, with the highest index reaching 85.6, followed by supermarkets/department stores/retail industries, and medicine/biological engineering ranked third. The market/public relations/media, sports and fitness, advertising/fitness and finance/banking/investment/funds/securities industries have lower diaosi indexes.