In 2000, Zhongshan Shaxi held the first Zhongshan International Casual Clothing Expo. Since then, the production factors of the Shaxi industry began to gather in the casual clothing industry. At that time, there was a saying that “casual clothing looks at Shaxi”.

As a strong town in the casual clothing industry, Shaxi has always been Shaxi’s eye-catching business card. However, in recent years, with the rapid changes in the market, rising labor costs, and the overall profit decline of the industry, traditional production and sales models have put Shaxi’s traditional clothing industry facing a big test, and industrial transformation and upgrading has become a need for the town government and clothing companies. The urgent task of the actress’s chest weighing 3 kilograms was compressed to nerve palsy and paralyzed . Shaxi is taking “cultural creativity”, “design R&D” and “e-commerce” as the entry points to promote the transformation and upgrading of the clothing industry.

Create China’s Leisure Clothing Creative Research and Development City

Faced with the low-end industrial chain, low technology content, lack of independent brands, and lack of high-tech talents in the Shaxi apparel industry, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of the apparel industry and accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, Shaxi Town uses cultural and creative concepts to create The new industrial system, combined with the “government, industry, education and research” approach, extends the brand value of China’s famous casual clothing towns. Shaxi has launched the China casual clothing creative research and development city project since last year.

In response to the needs of the transformation and upgrading of Shaxi’s clothing industry, the Creative R&D City will establish multiple public service platforms, involving e-commerce, design research and development, textile testing, and designer training. At the same time, an exhibition center, a comprehensive shopping mall and a headquarters economic building will also be built. Those small and medium-sized enterprises that cannot afford designers or professional brand planning teams can get professional technical guidance from here.

In order to solve the problem of talents, the second phase of the Creative R&D City-Shaxi Textile and Fashion College was jointly established by Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College and Shaxi Polytechnic School to cultivate professional talents. According to reports, the college will formally enroll students in September this year, and will train high-tech and professional talents for the transformation and upgrading of Shaxi’s clothing industry, with majors in clothing design, e-commerce, marketing planning, clothing testing, fabric research and development, etc. . According to reports, the creative city will be built in four phases, and the first and second phases are basically completed. The Creative R&D City will develop into a clothing creative industry park integrating designer dream workshops, designer training centers, and design outsourcing bases.

The Creative Park organically combines industrial clusters with urban functions, and strives to build an industrial environment suitable for industrial development, entrepreneurship and employment. After the Creative Park is fully completed and put into use, there will be a number of design universities and enterprises, e-commerce, clothing culture communication and creativity, branding, and technological innovation enterprises to settle in, to cultivate and provide “high, sophisticated, and sophisticated” for enterprises. Talents will create a first-class industrial-university-research cooperation park with distinctive characteristics.

The First E-commerce Demonstration Town in Zhongshan City

With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, the Shaxi Town Government has spared no effort to promote the development of e-commerce by apparel companies, and issued a series of policies to support the development of e-commerce, becoming the first “E-commerce Demonstration Town in Zhongshan City.” Regard it as a major driving force for industrial transformation and upgrading. On May 17 this year, the Shaxi Garment Industry Association held a theme event for the “Internet Business Manufacturers” Love Season in an attempt to promote more companies to develop e-commerce.

It is understood that among the more than 250 clothing brands in Shaxi, nearly 100 have opened e-commerce, and Tongwei Clothing is one of them. Compared with physical stores, e-commerce platforms have the advantages of low cost, less inventory, and ability to collect and release. In order to promote the development of e-commerce, Shaxi Town has held a number of online business exchange activities and various clothing e-commerce training courses since 2010. At the same time, it is also actively building a leisure clothing e-commerce platform and a public service platform for small, medium and micro enterprise information networks. At the beginning of this year, it also formulated the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of E-commerce in Shaxi Town”.

Sijiqing South China Headquarters officially settled in Shaxi on April 22 this year. Fuyuan Sijiqing Clothing City is building an international clothing trade through the O2O e-commerce platform. This project is consistent with the starting point of the Shaxi Town Government and will upgrade the clothing industry in the future. Transformation brings positive meaning. Sijiqing Garment Group will use the O2O e-commerce model for the first time in Zhongshan to deliver Zhongshan’s casual clothing in batches to apparel sales markets at home and abroad, and upgrade the “clothing origin” to a clothing complex that parallels the “production area” and “sales area”. In the future, it may become the engine of Shaxi and even Zhongshan’s clothing industry to take off again, helping the upgrading and transformation of the clothing industry.