Clean Water

Most common ailments that we suffer from are either airborne or water borne. Now it is not always possible to have control over the air that we breathe. But when it comes to water we can take several precautions to ensure that what we consume is clean and free of contaminants. Like drinking water from bottled mineral Water when outside or away from home. And at home using a water filter to purify the tap water that you get supplied. What if you are eating out? At a restaurant, in the office cafeteria or at a friend’s place it might not be always easy to ascertain whether the water you are consuming is properly filtered. Worse if you are camping off the grid and have to make do with whatever water you are getting. Then what do you do? If the makers of this new and very innovative sounding product called the Quartz are to be believed they have hit upon a solution.

At home the usual practice is to fill the purified water into several water bottles and store it, possibly in the refrigerator to keep it cold. But what happens with these water bottles is that a lot many of them become stained and even stinky with use for long periods of time. So the whole purpose of purifying the drinking water is defeated if the water bottle itself is dirty. The Quartz Water Bottle has UVC LED Chips that are integrated into it for the purpose of keeping both the water and the bottle free of all Germs. As opposed to Mercury based UV technology these chips are more compact, make efficient use of energy & are much less toxic too. Since these last much longer when compared to the mercury based UV technology these UVC LED chips are better value for your money. And remember that it is easily portable meaning that you get access to clean water. Wherever. Whenever. Just like that.

What happens is that the UV light (which is of 280 nm) triggers a Photochemical reaction in these germs thereby destroying their DNA. And as the makers mention, UV-C light is also being used to hospitals worldwide to sterilize patient rooms and effectively so. This has been tested several times by independent third party labs and found to be a good & eco friendly way of disinfecting water. To get started all you have to do is to fill the Quartz bottle with water and press the cap to activate the UVC LED chips. Give it a mere minute to do it’s thing and then you are ready to go. Simple enough. These bottles are available in various different colors and in fact going by it’s cool appearance it is possible that you might mistake this water bottle for a perfume or deodorant.

The Quartz charges via USB and once fully charged it should last for several weeks on end, subject to your usage of course. The water stored inside the Quartz bottle will easily remain cold for an entire day and if it is hot water that you prefer that will also stay sufficiently warm for a good 12 hours. That it is Reusable eliminates the need for using plastic bottles which when disposed mess up the environment. The makers even share some startling facts with us. Like there are a whopping 20,000 plastic bottles used (and dumped) every single second. If the Quartz bottle works and works swimmingly well it might be able to reduce some of the damage caused to our dear Earth. In short supporting this product will prove beneficial to you in particular and the world around in general.

Before ending got to mention that the Quartz is priced just right to make it affordable. You can have one of these water bottles for $79 but one would recommend opting for two which you can get for as less as $98. This one is a winner all the way.