Work From Home

You’re out having lunch at a sidewalk cafe with a dear friend you haven’t seen in a while. You’ve missed each other and it’s been far too long since you’ve had a face-to-face meet-up. Your mobile phones are fashionably perched on top of the table and the two of you are thoroughly enjoying the “catch-up.”

Your Conversation Your Phone

You’ve made it a point to be a good listener and ask questions and really find out where she’s at. Amid your conversation your phone begins to buzz thankfully, you remembered to set it on vibrate to avoid disturbing the other diners. Your conversation continues to unfold as your meals arrive. Unfortunately, your lunch mate barely takes a breath. You find yourself becoming oddly discontent feeling like you’ve been dropped onto the set of a bad soap opera.

Her words begin to sound heavy and you realize what should have been a Reader’s Digest Condensed version, is fast becoming a blow-by-blow of her daily routine for the past year. Suddenly your phone vibrates twice more. Hers – nothing.

It’s clear her world has become small and myopic. The old commercial tagline, “Calgon take me away!” briefly pops into your head. But she’s your friend, you reason, and you give her the attention she deserves. Besides, that was you not long ago, before you made an important decision to change your life. Your phone vibrates again, yet your eyes don’t flinch, don’t divert, don’t show any signs of distraction as she wraps up her less-than-epic life story.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! Your phone is blowing up with activity!

Unable to ignore it any longer, your friend finally cracks, “Well aren’t you popular, my phone hasn’t made a peep even once.” “It’s my bank,” you reply before taking a long sip from your umbrella-adorned beverage. You notice one eyebrow raised, her body language indicating she’s curiously awaiting further clarification. “I get notifications when I get a deposit in my account.”

She sits up and leans forward, “You’re telling me every time your phone vibrates you’re getting paid?” voice trailing upwards in disbelief. You nod your head to confirm. Her eyes narrow, head cocked. “Exactly where do you work that you get paid so frequently?”

Potential Source of Residual Income

You smile coyly, prop your elbow on the table, palm up with phone served up like a pizza, “Right here. This is my office on the go” No sooner do you finish the sentence when your phone vibrates again. Ahh, perfect timing. Your friend’s eyes widen as she says “Tell me more.” The two of you spend the rest of your lunch discussing your handheld business on the go. This is the story of how easy it is to have a business in the palm of your hand.

Virtually all commerce is headed toward mobile marketing, and we’re just in the beginning stages of this trend. The question is, are you a trendsetter or a trend follower? If you haven’t checked into mobile marketing as a potential source of residual income, what are you waiting for? The iron is hot! Strike now. As the check arrives, you snap it up and offer to treat, “It’s on me tax write-off. Cost of doing business.” Your friend is now chomping at the bit to hear more and get into the biz with you. “Can you help me get started?” You smile, “Of course, all I need is your email”